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Needle-free Mesotherapy

Needle-free MesotherapyAnti wrinkle, moisturising. Visible result after the first treatment! This method of treatment is much more effective in skin rejuvenation, skin anti-aging, skin-firming, antiwrinkle than many others. Read more >>

Permanent hair removal package offer at a 50 % reduced price

Végleges szőrtelenítésOne occasion of underarms and bikini hair removal now only at half price! Read more >>

Local lipolysis with Lipo Laser

Cellulit kezelésA Cellulite is not a problem any more! Cellulite treatment and body shaping, fat reduction and skin-firming by a brand new method. It gives immediate, visible and measurable result even after the first treatment. It reduces the circumference of your body by centimetres. Read more >>

Healing massage

MasszázsIt gently supports the natural functions of the human body. You can experience the fresh, easy, „I have been reborn!” feeling after enjoying the combination of smoothing-massaging techniques according to your special problem. Read more… >>





More information about breaking down fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite

Malnutrition and poor lifestyle in motion are among the reasons responsible for cellulite (however it is also proved by medical research that there is a genetic element in individual susceptibility to cellulite and can be inherited). Cellulite mainly occurs in females.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is in connection with the adipose tissues which are modified connective tissues for storing fat. When toxins are accumulated among adipose tissues the smooth surface of the skin becomes rippled like the skin of the orange. Therefore anti cellulite treatment must be started with detoxification.

There are three types of cellulite which are the following:

  • Soft
  • Hard
  • Oedematous

All these cases need different treatment to reach the highest effectiveness.

The removal of cellulite is much more difficult than a “normal” slimming diet and the general idea that cellulite occurs only in overweight women, is absolutely wrong. Young, slim women can also have cellulite, and this unpleasant aesthetic change can lead to the extenuation and destruction of the connective tissue.

Anti cellulite treatment

Nowadays there are several new technologies for reducing the appearance of cellulite and also for prevention. The modern methods of anti cellulite treatment make the process significantly quicker. However modern cellulite treatment does not work wonders alone, since breaking down cellulite needs serious effort and a certain degree of a lifestyle change. Only with the help of creams and devices nobody can get rid of cellulite – although we have the most effective technical equipments for the procedure –, good nutrition and doing exercise is also necessary to achieve entire success!

Breaking down fat

The deposit toxins in the adipose tissue cause the appearance of cellulite, therefore both detoxification and breaking down fat is essential in the process.

Breaking down fat, but how?

The biggest fatty deposits can occur on hips, bottom and thighs, so these are the parts of the body where cellulite is developed first. The break down of fat cells is done with the help of Pollagen-Regen device, which works on the bases of Tripollar RF technology, so it has an impact on the deeper layer of the tissue. During breaking down the fat cells the treated part of the body is heated up to 41-42 degrees.